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Thực phẩm Việt Hiếu Nghĩa


Viet Hieu Nghia One Member Company Limited and Thai Son Corporation - Department of Defense, has established  Viet Hieu Nghia Company Limited. 
We had over 20 years experience in the field of business and production seafood. The company currently exports to countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the European countries, ...
♦ Sea Fishing
♦ Marine Aquaculture
♦ inland capture fisheries
♦ Inland Aquaculture
♦ Processing and preservation of aquatic and fishery products
♦ Wholesale food
♦ Production of oil , animal fat , vegetable
♦ Processing and preserving of meat and meat products
♦ Processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables
♦ Production of bakery products
♦ Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials and live animals
♦ Production of animal feed , poultry and seafood
♦ Restaurants and catering services working
♦ Production of non-alcoholic beverages , mineral water
♦ Wholesale of beverages
♦ Wholesale of other household goods
♦ Freight transport by road
♦ road passenger transport other
♦ Warehousing and storage facilities
♦ Sell motorcycles, motorcycle
♦ Wholesale automobiles and other motor vehicles
♦ Sell spare parts and accessories of automobiles and other motor vehicles
♦ Wholesale of machinery , equipment and spare parts for agricultural
♦ Wholesale of machinery , equipment and other machine parts
♦ Wholesale of metals and metal ores

Products of Viet Hieu Nghia has been many markets such as China , Hong Kong , South Korea , Japan and European countries . Our products can meet the requirements and criteria of each specific market imports .